Addi skrúfuprjónar

939 kr.

With the best, sustainably-grown bamboo, which we’ve sourced for many years from a special region of Japan, and thorough craftsmanship in our production facility, we’ve created durable, premium bamboo needles with extra-finely crafted surfaces for you. For a pleasantly light and warm knitting feeling – and with German craftsmanship quality.


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Addi skrúfuprjónar

Skrúfuprjónar 3,5 mm, Skrúfuprjónar 4,0 mm, Skrúfuprjónar 4,5 mm, Skrúfuprjónar 5,0 mm, Skrúfuprjónar 5,5 mm, Skrúfuprjónar 6,0 mm, Skrúfuprjónar 8,0 mm


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